Sometimes you may feel like you have too much stress to handle. If you think you just can’t cope any longer, you may want to seek help from a specialist. Talk to your primary care doctor to see if she can help you determine whether what you’re experiencing is stress or an anxiety disorder. He/She can also refer you to a mental health expert and provide you with additional resources and tools.

Signs of stress overload include:

Panic attacks

Worrying all the time

Feeling you’re under constant pressure

Drinking or doing drugs to deal with your stress




Withdrawal from family and friends

These signs are a cause for concern, while some of us feel or think we know how to deal with some or every aspect of stress that’s not always the case we may not all have that luxury some of us need additional help. So if you know someone that may show one or more of these signs talk to them and encourage to seek help. Please visit a psychologist or a health care professional.

Published by Amy

Psychology Graduate and Mental Health Coach, I offer support services for adults living with mental health issues. Understanding your struggles is the first step towards healing.

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