Mental Health Coaching Services

My name is Amy Farley, a bachelor of science in Psychology graduate with concentration in Psychopathology (study of mental illness), Clinical psychology, Counseling Psychology and Conflict Resolution. I have been a Mental health coach for approximately 2 years and my business is specifically designed for persons with mental health issues who may need guidance, support and motivation coping with troubling symptoms. I do not treat mental disorders nor do I do any form of therapy. What I do offer is coaching targeted towards mental illness or mental health issues. Although, my main focus is coaching mental health issues, I also coach those who may want to boost their mental health as well.

Client Testimonials

I have learned so much from your coaching sessions. I got therapy tomorrow I will be sure to mention what I have learned with you.


I have been able to apply with I have learned to my everyday life. Thank you for sharing.

M. Lawrence

You have helped me to really understand my symptoms and cope so much better.


Let’s build something together.

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