Love Life!!


This quote speaks to me in so many ways, to acquire true peace and become close to God we need to be happy and content with our lives. When you read this quote it makes you think. Separation from God and happiness! Is detachment from life and happiness? In society today people are so taken up with the DOWNS  rather than the UPS of life. Life brings both happiness and sorrow but things change and nothing will remain the same forever and the feeling of sorrow it will soon pass. With a clear heart and mind, we become closer to GOD but when we are angry and filled with the resentment we lose touch with God.

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Sometimes you may feel like you have too much stress to handle. If you think you just can’t cope any longer, you may want to seek help from a specialist. Talk to your primary care doctor to see if she can help you determine whether what you’re experiencing is stress or an anxiety disorder. He/She can also refer you to a mental health expert and provide you with additional resources and tools.

Signs of stress overload include:

Panic attacks

Worrying all the time

Feeling you’re under constant pressure

Drinking or doing drugs to deal with your stress




Withdrawal from family and friends

These signs are a cause for concern, while some of us feel or think we know how to deal with some or every aspect of stress that’s not always the case we may not all have that luxury some of us need additional help. So if you know someone that may show one or more of these signs talk to them and encourage to seek help. Please visit a psychologist or a health care professional.





1. BREATHE – Usually, it’s not the entire problem that stresses us out but worrying which leads to pint up nervousness and we end up tensing ourselves making the problem seem bigger than it really is. Instead of worrying just sit back relax and breathe deeply in and out for about 2 minutes and focus on nothing except the sound of your breathing.

2. ACCEPTANCE – Constantly thinking about an event or situation you have no control over or cannot change, you are putting your mind on overdrive and maybe your suffering is due to your inability to accept it. Acceptance is key here the moment you accept the way things are, and it’s out of your control you can reach a level of peace that helps you cope.

3. TALK TO SOMEONE For almost any problem there is a solution, and communicating it with others, friends or family helps a lot know someone understands your struggle. Find someone you can trust and share your issues, your inner fears let your heart cry out; this will bring some peace to the soul.

4. MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY – This is not an all-time solution, but here you will love yourself a bit more, take time for yourself some me time. You would not believe how much this helps; then make a list of all things that you love about yourself and the things you are grateful for, believe it or not, you will end up feeling good about yourself and attaining that peaceful state of mind.

5. DECLUTTER EVERYTHING – A healthy space always brings peace to your mind. This is why you should always have clean surroundings because that won’t just give positive aura but will help you to declutter your mind too.

6. DON’T PROCRASTINATE – Many times you already know the solution, but most of us are guilty of leaving important things for last minute and when the time comes to do it we become overwhelmed, stressed out and the majority of things never gets done or it’s not done to the best of your ability and then we feel bad. It may seem like a solution at the time but the truth its slowly and steadily starts stealing your peace of mind.

7. TAKE A BREAK – Escaping from reality, does not mean running away from your problems; it just means your taking time to get away and to bring peace to yourself. If you have the money go on vacation relax unwind and let the mind be at peace, go to the beach, go shopping by yourself, read a book or listen to your favorite music. Because it is in those silent and peaceful hours that you can think clearly. So, if you think that the weight of responsibilities or problems or even the weight of your dreams is weighing you down, give it a rest and try to do the above-stated technique. There is nothing like finding peace rather it is about living in one.


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