When You're Feeling Sad or Upset Remember These 6 Points

We can’t help it, we’re human, we have emotions and many times we are faced with situations that maybe beyond our control and we may feel sad for example the loss of a loved one, or a failed relationship, been hurt by someone we love etc. This is all part of life. Nothing is wrongContinue reading “When You're Feeling Sad or Upset Remember These 6 Points”

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Subtypes

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition where a person experiences a very traumatic event and their mental health thereafter suffers tremendously. These people have intense feelings of horror, fear and helplessness. A person with post-traumatic stress disorder can become so overwhelmed with intense feelings of despair that they may have trouble getting on withContinue reading “Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Subtypes”

7 Proven Life Changing Benefits of Gratitude

Have you ever been through so many difficult times in your life and found it hard to focus on anything other than your problems? Or have you heard someone complain constantly about how their life sucks or nothing good ever happens to them, all they have is bad luck? Of course it can be hardContinue reading “7 Proven Life Changing Benefits of Gratitude”

10 Ways to Feel Happier and Calmer

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself “damn, I’ve been through a lot of shit”? Have you had those “wow” moments? I have and over the years I have learned strategies that helped me to remain happier and calmer everyday no matter what problems I’m facing at the moment. I have those days thatContinue reading “10 Ways to Feel Happier and Calmer”

Types Of Grief Nobody Ever Told You About.

I’m sure many of you read the headline and immediately associated “grief” with the death of a loved one and thought “who doesn’t know about the types of grief.” And yes this kind of grief is related to death. Grieving is a natural process of dealing with the tragic lost of a loved one. WeContinue reading “Types Of Grief Nobody Ever Told You About.”